Case Studies

Variance Financial’s experience in Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Debt Management, Derivatives Trading, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Financial Accounting, as well as its technical means (real-time access to professional market data, over-the-counter product pricing through proprietary tools) to offer a wide array of corporate finance and financial risk advisory services, from strategy to execution.

The following are just a few examples describing how we have helped companies achieve their objectives.

Structured product cancellation
Within clientÔÇÖs portfolio of interest rates hedging products, a 7-year deal linked to the yield curve and with a EUR 200m notional is identified.
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Interest cost reduction
A public entity that is highly indebted (90% floating rate) and has an ambitious cost reduction objective, requires an in-depth interest rate risk analysis.
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Swap transaction assistance
The client is negotiating with a financial institution for a EUR 300m floating-rate loan with 18 years maturity.
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Exotic currency transaction
The client wants to purchase an amount of Indian rupees (INR) equivalent to USD 52m to make an acquisition in India.
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Professional financial reporting
The client is a publicly traded company with a large portfolio of debt and complex hedging products, that requires to professionalize their reports to comply with accounting standards and to improve financial decision making.
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