Worldwide Financial Challenges

Variance Financial helps organizations that operate worldwide with the challenges that arise when doing business overseas. The current economic environment has led organizations that used to operate locally to be looking for growth opportunities in other markets.

Doing business overseas can be difficult and riddled with political, legal, logistics and financial hurdles, amongst others. However, an organization that is well prepared and has the right people in place can easily overcome these challenges.

Variance understands these challenges and has the experience to help an organization overcome any hurdles on the financial aspects of a project. We are prepared to work with companies that are planning or are actively doing business overseas.

The following are examples of services that helped our clients with the financial challenges:

  • We designed for an engineering company the financial offer to be attached to the technical offer of a project for the construction of an energy plant in Southern Asia.
  • We designed and implemented a risk management policy for managing foreign-currency cash flows from several infrastructure projects in Latin America. We negotiated the best terms with banks and provided continued assistance in the execution of trades.
  • We negotiated with financial institutions and arranged ECA-supported project financing for a public infrastructure company in a South Asian country.

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