VARFIN introductory video

Discover how CFOs, treasurers and risk managers are able to use VARFIN as a reporting tool and single place to manage their debts, currencies, commodities and derivatives.

Our reporting system:

  • Handles Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange and Commodities financial instruments.
  • Provides independent valuations used to compare with those given by banks.
  • Calculates the cash flows / payments (incoming and outgoing).
  • Executes scenario and what-if analysis.
  • Can put the clientÔÇÖs portfolio through hedge effectiveness tests.
  • Computes the Credit Value Adjustment (CVA)
  • And more ÔÇŽ

Our way of working:

  1. We speak to you and gather all the information necessary for our system.
  2. We analyze the gathered information.
  3. You receive a set of reports containing portfolio analysis, valuations, cash flows, simulations, performance, etc.

Play the introductory video below to see VARFIN in action.