Funds and Private Equity

Managers across the financial industry are faced with multiple challenges: foreign exchange risk (translation risk), interest rate risk, commodity risk, inflation risk, market uncertainty, and higher transaction and technology costs.

Variance FinancialÔÇÖs experienced team provides products and services that help funds and private equity firms build trust and transparency by defining a risk management policy, taking over debt management, or providing accurate valuations.

Pension funds, hedge funds, real estate funds, and private equity funds have a variety of financial specialists working in sync to deliver the best return to their investors. To continue success, funds need to continuously monitor their strategies and risks, which can have a negative impact on the portfolio. Variance Financial has helped funds build hedging strategies, intermediate and negotiate financial executions, and analyze and price instruments used for hedging interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodity exposures.

Financial Risk Hedging
Variance works closely with the finance teams of our clients to assist in the management of the financial risks using the appropriate hedging strategies.
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Debt Management
The clients delegate the management of their interest rate product portfolio to a team of highly experienced professionals.
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Independent Valuations
VarianceÔÇÖs access to market information, and analytical and financial modeling capabilities, are combined to provide independent valuation on financial transactions.
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Trading Floor Services
Variance combines derivative trading experience, proprietary pricing tools, and access to real time market data to assist during the execution of complex financial transactions.
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Financial Reporting
We have applied our expertise to produce a wide range of different reports using standard pricing models and financial analytics.
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