Real Estate

VarianceÔÇÖs banking industry knowledge and broad scope of services allows us to provide specific financial solutions that meet the needs of our Real Estate clients. We aim to serve private developers, direct investors, real estate funds, and pension funds of all sizes.

We help our clients assess their real estate investments by properly reflecting key financial aspects into the analysis (i.e. accurate financial cost modeling, market scenario simulations, appropriate hedging). In addition, we combine our market expertise and deep hedging instrument knowledge to help our clients implement the right hedging strategies, evaluate complex derivative products and negotiate debt terms with financial institutions. Lastly, real estate fund managers can delegate the management of their debt and hedge portfolios to Variance Financial.

Financial Risk Hedging
Variance works closely with the finance teams of our clients to assist in the management of the financial risks using the appropriate hedging strategies.
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Debt Management
The clients delegate the management of their interest rate product portfolio to a team of highly experienced professionals.
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Independent Valuations
VarianceÔÇÖs access to market information, and analytical and financial modeling capabilities, are combined to provide independent valuation on financial transactions.
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Trading Floor Services
Variance combines derivative trading experience, proprietary pricing tools, and access to real time market data to assist during the execution of complex financial transactions.
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Financial Reporting
We have applied our expertise to produce a wide range of different reports using standard pricing models and financial analytics.
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