Disputes can have a large financial impact and adversely affect reputation. Our team of experts investigate, analyze and help you prevent future crisis or resolve current issues.

VarianceÔÇÖs Forensic services specializes in giving support during judicial or arbitral proceedings as independent financial experts.

Our Expert Reports is used either as evidence for litigants or as proof requested by the court or tribunal.

Our methodology consists of:

  1. Analyze contracts (Master agreements, ISDA agreements, etc.) and its annexes;
  2. Review the terms found in each document (Confirmation Sheets, Term Sheets, etc.) for every transaction and analyze the function of the financial instruments;
  3. Analyze the economic context during the signing of the contracts;
  4. Conduct a study on the economic results at each periodic settlement (cash flows exchange or netting at each period or value date);
  5. Conduct financial instrument valuation (fair value) on trade date (inception of the trade), on any past date (historical valuation) and up to the present (current Mark-to-Market).

We assist lawyers and/or clientsÔÇÖ law offices throughout the process starting from giving advice before any legal action, preparation of expert reports to its financial compensation (monetary settlement).

Variance has a team of highly qualified professionals, in economic, accounting or financial expertise, to answer questions arising before/during proceedings and testify in courts and tribunals.

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