Our Clients

Variance’s clients range from large corporations with sophisticated needs to small businesses with limited experience in corporate financial management.

Generally, Variance’s clients are mid-sized organizations operating across a variety of industries and sectors:

  • Listed and privately-owned corporations.
  • Real estate development companies and real estate funds.
  • Municipalities, local authorities and public companies.
  • Asset managers, family offices, investment funds and private equity firms.
  • Regional banks, pension funds and insurance companies.

Variance provides financial managers with assistance and independent advice on all the issues they usually face in the financial management of their firms: risk management, debt restructuring, bank negotiations, fundraising, acquisitions, reporting, valuations, etc.

For Variance’s clients, financial issues are as important and critical as the core business activity for the smooth running of the company. Generally, Variance’s clients:

  • Belong to capital intensive industries.
  • Operate with tight margins subject to financial risks.
  • Have highly-levered balance sheets.
  • Are engaged in complex financial transactions.
  • Operate internationally and are subject to currency risks.
  • Transform raw materials and are subject to commodity/energy price risks.

Contact us today to learn more about our consulting services and technology solutions. With every client we focus on cost reduction, automation and speed resulting in clients increasing productivity, strengthening market competitiveness, reducing technology costs, and improving relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.