Variance Financial is an independent financial advisory company specialized in corporate finance and financial risk management.

Variance is based in Geneva (Switzerland) and operates all over the world.

VarianceÔÇÖs clientele is composed of institutions and organizations from many different sectors and industries: listed corporations, family-owned businesses, municipalities, local authorities, public companies, asset managers, private equity firms, etc.

Variance provides financial managers with assistance and independent advice on all the issues they usually confront in the financial management of their firms: risk management, debt restructuring, bank negotiations, fundraising, acquisitions, reporting, valuations, etc.

VarianceÔÇÖs staff is composed of an international team of highly experienced and skilled professionals from different fields and industries: Financial Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Debt Management, Derivatives Trading, Wealth Management, Investment Banking and Financial Accounting.

Our Mission Statement

Providing private and public organizations with independent and highly qualified advice on corporate finance and financial risk management through a personalized and dedicated service, and long-term relationships.

Our Business Model

VarianceÔÇÖs business model is characterized by:

  • Long-term relationships with a limited number of clients to ensure an imbuement with their corporate culture. Through long-term relationships Variance is able to yield the highest value-added.
  • A high dedication to clients and a quality service tailored to their needs, which allows them to focus on their core business.
  • The assumption of certain responsibilities within the organization while adhering to a set of policies and procedures.
  • A remuneration scheme that guarantees objectivity, independence and alignment of interests with the client.