Financial Risk Hedging

Structured product cancellation

DESCRIPTION: Within clientÔÇÖs portfolio of interest rates hedging products, a 7-year deal linked to the yield curve and with a EUR 200m notional is identified. The product bears very high interests when the yield curve is inverted. Variance employs its advanced proprietary software tools to perform... Read More

Interest cost reduction

DESCRIPTION: A public entity that is highly indebted (90% floating rate) and has an ambitious cost reduction objective, requires an in-depth interest rate risk analysis. As part of the conclusions of the analysis, Variance identifies a market opportunity based on 2 points: (1) short-term yield curve... Read More

Swap transaction assistance

DESCRIPTION The client is negotiating with a financial institution for a EUR 300m floating-rate loan with 18 years maturity. In addition to the loan, the client is required to enter into an interest rate swap transaction. The intervention of Variance is required for supervising the negotiation and execution... Read More