VARFIN adds commodities

We are proud to announce that our pricing and reporting solution, VARFIN, now includes commodities. This will allow our clients with exposure to energy prices or raw materials to book, price and evaluate -both historically and real time-, their commodity product and hedge portfolio.

VARFIN is now able to price forwards on:

  • Oil (CO, CL).
  • Nickel (LME).
  • Copper (LME).
  • Aluminum (LME).
  • Gold (CME).
  • Silver (CME).

Variance will be adding more commodity products and indices to the list on a regular basis. Additional products can be added on demand. This enhancement makes VARFIN an integrated solution capable of pricing a broad range of Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange, and Commodity products.

VARFIN is a technology solution that puts together real-time market data, financial product databases, and an advanced calculation and reporting engine, with the objective of meeting our clientÔÇÖs needs for reporting, pricing, risk analysis, auditing, etc. VARFIN has a convenient, easy-to-use graphical interface used for booking trades and capable of generating multiple reports for Interest Rate, Foreign Exchange and Commodity portfolios.

For more information about VARFIN, please click here.